Shenzhen International Freight Forwarders Association (SIFFA) was established in June 1998. It is a social organization with legal personality approved by Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau. Non-profit local industry  organizations are voluntarily formed by international freight forwarding enterprises registered in Shenzhen and units involved in international freight forwarding business approved by the competent state departments. At present, there are more than 300 member enterprises. 

     SIFFA as a contact between the government and members of the bridge and link, its purpose is: guide, services, protection, coordination of members to promote the development of horizontal linkages of all member companies to exchange information and coordinate relations, enhance mutual cooperation, protection of the legitimate members interests, to promote the development of international freight forwarding business, as foreign trade and economic services.

     SIFFA established 10 years time, in safeguarding legitimate rights and interests of members to organize and coordinate the exchange and cooperation among members, communication between government and enterprises, in organizations of various organizations and associations concerned with the domestic and international freight forwarding groups in exchange tours to promote the development of external cooperation of Member are a lot of work to regulate the freight forwarding industry in Shenzhen City, the health played a role in oversight and guidance.

     Authorized by the Ministry of Commerce, since 2003 SIFFA sit as the only point of Shenzhen, in charge of international freight forwarding entry qualification certificate examinations and training, has been thousands of people to take the test, a talent incubator Shenzhen forwarding.
Ministry of Commerce of China in 2005 requirements will be eligible for international freight forwarding business, after examination and approval system to a filing system, SIFFA authorized by the STB, is responsible for freight forwarding companies in Shenzhen City, examined the record and the work of thousands of freight forwarding has been completed and the record business annual examination, staff enthusiasm and meticulous work attitudes, access to business and government alike.

     In order to alleviate liquidity pressure freight forwarding companies, SIFFA separately with China Construction Bank, Shenzhen Development Bank and a number of banks to design special loans to support the freight forwarding business plan, the use of Joint Guarantee Loans to the end customer receivables or other cargo agents (buyer) ocean freight for factoring and financing models for a certain strength of the international freight forwarding business loans. Meanwhile, by association members to provide multi-dimensional platform of services, such as with the One Card, Rui Geer medical centers, the United States and Asia insurance companies to provide quality benefits for members of the service. Association organizes annual training seminars and the exchange of more than 30 times, by the corporate interest and support.

     SIFFA actively seek government funding, while freight forwarding industry, enthusiastic attitude in place and good service, received community recognition. 
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